In 2014 Railey Realty sold more real estate in Garrett County than all the other brokerage companies combined! "It is important for me to work with the best and working for Railey Realty allows me to do that".

The Power Of Railey Realty

Railey Realty continues to grab more of the real estate market in Garrett County. It is a power house and that is a great thing if you are thinking of selling your property at Deep Creek Lake. In 2013 Railey Realty purchased Goodfellow Real Estate.
It has always been my goal to work for the "best" and there is no question that I am working with the best real estate company to help my clients achieve their goals.
So take a look at the process of being a seller and how Railey Realty helps with a step by step rundown. Take my marketing skills and Raileys reputation and is priceless and in my opinion the best offered in Garrett County.
Just another reason to list with Carol Wills and Railey Realty
1. Get the Professional Assistance of a REALTOR
Our sales agents are very experienced in selling the many different types of properties found in the Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County area. These types of transactions are sometimes complex in nature. They can often involve different family members and sometimes have very large financial, tax and legal implications. Plus, if you are a non-resident of the state of Maryland, which is a very common situation for property owners in this area, you will have the Non-Resident Withholding Tax to deal with. If you do hire one of our sales agents to represent you, it is our goal to get you the best price, terms and conditions possible with the fewest hassles. Our convenient and time-saving services will handle many of the details and much of the legwork for you.
2. Determine Your Property's Value
Our sales agents have a great deal of experience selling a wide variety of property. They can accurately assess your property's value based on the market and its unique features and characteristics.  While it is our goal to get you the best possible price for your property, our agents will be very frank with you when determining its potential value. We pledge not to give you a high expectation just to get a listing. After all, if the listed price is too high or unrealistic, there is a good chance that both your valuable time and ours will eventually be wasted.  If you would like to get a better idea of how much your property is currently worth, please click on the following link to get a Free Comparative Market Analysis.
3. Staging Your Home
In order to get the best possible price for your property, certain repairs and improvements may need to be completed prior to putting it on the market. Before or at the time of listing, one of our agents would be glad to tour your property to make recommendations as to what may need to be done. We have provided a more comprehensive list of things to do to increase your curb appeal and improve your chances of selling for a higher price on our Selling Tips page.
4. Listing Documents
f you have decided to list your property with us, the following documents will be required:
  • Listing Agreement - which will define the asking price, marketing fee, and length of time we will exclusively try to sell your property.
  • Disclosure Statement (optional) - a statement filled out by the seller that will let any potential buyers know any pertinent facts or latent defects about the property.
  • Disclaimer Statement (optional) - if you choose not to Disclose, you may Disclaim making no representations or warranties about the property.
  • Inclusions & Exclusions - a list of what furniture and fixtures are staying with the property and what is leaving.
  • Understanding Whom a Real Estate Agent Represents
  • Consent for Dual Agency (Optional)
  • Deep Creek Lake Buydown Addendum - if applicable
These are the main forms required. Some properties might require additional forms and addendums.
5. Marketing Your Property
Once your property is listed, we will immediately begin to market your property for sale. Our marketing program, in conjunction with our relationship with Railey Mountain Lake Vacations, will expose your property to more potential buyers than any of the other area brokerages. Being presented to more potential buyers will give you the greatest possible chance at selling your property quickly and at the highest and best possible price. The highlights of our marketing program include a full listing in our local MLS and full exposure at our website - - the area's most comprehensive and easy-to-use web site.
6. Negotiating Offers
When an offer is presented on your property you will more than likely have to negotiate the following terms and conditions with the potential buyer:
  • Purchase Price
  • Settlement Date
  • Deposit Amount
  • Contingencies such as Financial & Inspections
7. Dealing with Inspections and Contingencies
More than likely, your contract will permit the Buyer to perform various inspections at their cost. The seller must make the property available for these inspections. In Maryland, once all the Property Inspections are completed, the buyer will usually have the option to void the contract altogether or submit a list of the items that need to be addressed or fixed by the seller prior to settlement. If the seller:
  • agrees to address some or none of the items, the buyer usually has the option to either void the contract and get all deposit monies back or continue on with the transaction.
  • agrees to fix all of the items, the Buyer does not have the option to void the contract and the Seller must have all items fixed prior to settlement, allowing for sufficient time for the Buyer to do a re-inspection if they desire.
8. The Settlement
In the days leading up to settlement, the Seller usually must address the following items: Moving all furniture and personal items out of the property as specified by the listing agreement and contract of sale; Notifying the various utility companies to cancel service; Notifying your insurance agent that you will no longer own the property; Providing the intermediary information to the closing attorney if you plan on doing a 1031 tax deferred exchange.
The Seller does not need to be physically present for the settlement. Long distance settlements occur all of the time at Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County - via overnight mail, fax, and a few e-mails. If all parties are present, closings are usually administered by a closing attorney, settlement agent, or title company. The sellers will be asked to sign the deed and any other forms required at conclusion. The closing attorney will record the new deed and discharge all previous obligations of the seller.

The Internet

Our Website - Why is the best place for your listing? Because research shows that 75% of all home buyers now use the internet as part of their real estate search. Long gone are the days of cold calling and posting flyers at the local supermarket. The internet is by far the most powerful marketing tool available - easily outperforming most print advertising. We are dedicated to keeping our web site on the cutting edge. We recognize that Buyers today demand immediate information in an easy-to-use, highly visual format with informative content.

Our website has the following features:

. The easiest real estate search function in the area
. The most virtual tours
. Multiple listing photos
. Featured properties on our home page
. The area's only real estate blog
. An extensive overview of the Deep Creek Lake area and the entire Buying Process
. Easy-to-read detailed maps with directions
. The ability to e-mail listings directly to friends and family
. Easy-to-use mortgage calculators
. E-mail notification when new properties hit the market
. Open House Information
. Local Weather Information
. Live Webcams


Your listing will be presented on our web site in a well organized, user-friendly format. And by utilizing the most recent technology, our listings are continuously maintained and updated, guaranteeing accurate and timely information.By providing a first class, quality web site we provide maximum marketing exposure for each one of our listings to prospective buyers. With all of these features, we keep Buyers and Sellers in touch with Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County, no matter where they are!Search Engine Placement - What good is a website if no one can find it? We are at the top or near the top for both paid and non-paid keyword search terms relating to Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County Real Estate on the most popular, well-known search engines. This process insures that our site will be listed near the top of these search engines for various search terms.













Search Engine Placement - What good is a website if no one can fiSearch Engine Placement - What good is a website if no one can find it? We are at the top or near the top for both paid and non-paid keyword search terms relating to Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County Real Estate on the most popular, well-known search engines. This process insures that our site will be listed near the top of these search engines for various search terms.In addition, each one of our listings is placed on the following websites, providing  national and international exposure:                            




Our Real Estate Guide
Your listing will be included in our full-color, glossy magazine Real Estate Sales Guide that is distributed twice a year with a targeted circulation of over 70,000 copies. Our Sales Guide is
  • distributed locally at strategically placed high traffic locations around Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County.
  • placed in over 400 Railey Mountain Lake Vacations rental homes.
  • provided as a supplement in certain high volume editions of the local newspaper - The Republican.
  • directly mailed to prospective buyers and sellers twice a year.
Sales Office Placement
We have the ability to showcase our property listings in our main sales office, located in the heart of Deep Creek Lake. Our large property board allows walk-in clients to easily sort through and view our listings in a casual environment. We produce an attractive full-color information sheet for each property that includes all pertinent facts and color photos, if applicable.
Print Advertising
We place ads in the following publications that are distributed for free throughout the Deep Creek Lake area and most of Garrett County. Some of these ads include some of our select listings, while some are image ads designed to get potential buyers to contact us in person or online. Since the primary objective of print advertising is to generate real estate inquiries, our clients benefit from the combination of our marketing efforts with our sister company, Railey Mountain Lake Vacations, as we advertise in the following publications:
  • Deep Creek Lake Area Visitors Guide
  • The Lakefront Magazine
  • Mountain Discoveries Magazine
  • The Menu Guide
  • Deep Creek Magazine
  • Mountain Lake Quarterly
  • 2nd Home Journal


Newspaper Advertising
We advertise in the Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake's only newspaper - The Republican. We also insert our Real Estate Sales Guide in The Republican Newspaper selected editions.
Open Houses
Our sales agents may conduct open houses of your property for both area REALTORS and the general public, depending on the situation. At agent-broker only open houses, all of the agents in this market have an opportunity to preview your property firsthand. In some instances, our agents may arrange for a Public Open House, depending on the location and time of year.
Direct Mailings
We work with our agents' extensive mailing lists to send prospects our twice-a-year Real Estate Sales guide and our Resort Report newsletter. In addition, some of our agents will also mail out Just Listed and Just Sold postcards to qualified buyers


  • Multiple Listing Service
    All properties we list are uploaded and included to the Multiple Regional Information System (MRIS), the largest multiple list system (MLS) in the mid-Atlantic.  It includes all of Maryland and some parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. The MRIS system collects all pertinent details and facts about properties for sale and distributes that information. Inclusion in the MRIS system will not only give your listing exposure to other area agents, it will also provide multiple list exposure to nearly every agent in the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia area - places where most prospective buyers of Deep Creek Lake property come from.



Garrett County Board of REALTORS
We are proud members of the Garrett County Board of Realtors, the Maryland Association of Realtors (MAR), and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With these associations, we fully cooperate with the other brokerages in the area. This means that your property will be available to all other area agents, giving it maximum visibility. We pride ourselves on having excellent relations with the other real estate companies.
Our "For Sale" signs continue to be an excellent source of calls and inquiries from prospective buyers. Our eye catching, predominately red and black signage, along with our directional signs at major intersections allows prospective buyers and other agents to easily find any properties that are for sale.

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